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New Mexico Seal of Biliteracy

New Mexico Seal of Biliteracy Overview

Award Name: Seal of Bilingualism-Biliteracy

Adopted: 2014/03/08

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English Requisite: Grad Requirements

ELL Requisite: N/A


Award Qualification: Intermediate-Mid *Refer to website “Units of Credit and Assessments”

American Sign Language: No

Latin: No

Portfolio: Yes

College Credit: None currently reported

New Mexico Seal of Biliteracy Tests and Assessments


DISCLAIMER: Test requirements and usage often changes or varies by school, district, county etc. Make sure to check in with your school district for up to date testing information for the New Mexico Seal of Biliteracy. There may be additional assessments or evidenced based processes that qualify for the New Mexico State Seal of Biliteracy that are not shown here.

22‐1‐9.1. New Mexico diploma of excellence; state seal for bilingual and biliterate graduates.

Visit the New Mexico Public Education Department website for more information.

A. The state seal of bilingualism‐biliteracy on a New Mexico diploma of excellence certifies that the recipient is proficient for meaningful use in college, a career or to meet a local community language need in a world language other than English. The graduate's high school transcript shall also indicate that the graduate received the state seal on the graduate's New Mexico diploma of excellence.

B. The department shall adopt rules to establish the criteria for students to earn a seal of bilingualism‐biliteracy, to include:

(1) the number of units of credit in a language other than English, including content courses taught in a language other than English, English language arts or English as a second language for English language learners;

(2) passage of state assessments in a world language other than English or English language arts for English language learners;

(3) in the case of tribal languages, certification of tribal language proficiency in consultation with individual tribes and adherence to processes and criteria defined by that tribe as appropriate for determining proficiency in its language;

(4) demonstrated proficiency in one or more languages other than English through one of the following methods:

(a) score three or higher on an advanced placement examination for a language other than English;

(b) score four or higher on an international baccalaureate examination for a higher‐level language other than English course;

(c) score proficient on a national assessment of language proficiency in a language other than English; or

(d) provide presentations, interviews, essays, portfolios and other alternative processes that demonstrate proficiency in a language other than English.

C. In establishing the criteria for awarding the state seal of bilingualism‐biliteracy, the department shall establish and consult with a task force of stakeholders that represent language experts, including:

(1) Indian nations, tribes and pueblos;

(2) teachers of world languages;

(3) endorsed teachers of bilingual multicultural education;

(4) directors of bilingual education;

(5) statewide organizations representing language educators, bilingual education, dual language education and teachers of English as a second language;

(6) university professors of world languages, heritage languages, Indian languages and bilingual education; and

(7) representatives of the state bilingual advisory council, the Indian education advisory council and the Hispanic education advisory council.

History: Laws 2014, ch. 46, § 1.