1. Make sure you have applied as a school or organization for the Global Seal of Biliteracy™.

  2. Validate that candidates have met the award criteria for their first language. Please note for U.S. candidates, English is required to be one of your two languages in order to meet the Global Seal of Biliteracy™ criteria. The Global Seal of Biliteracy™ will require confirmation that applicants have met the Global Seal of Biliteracy™ requirements for English and copies of test reports to verify that ALL candidates have met one of the two Global Seal of Biliteracy levels of fluency.

  3. Complete testing for candidates second language.

  4. Once testing is completed and scores have been received, please fill out the Global Seal of Biliteracy Candidate Sheet. If a student qualifies in more than one language, add their name and 3rd language test information as a separate entry.

  5. Submit test scores and your filled out Global Seal of Biliteracy Candidate Sheet below. Make sure to submit test scores as either a PDF, PNG or JPEG format, and the Candidate Sheet as an Excel file. Other formats will not be accepted.

    *test scores can be digital scans or screenshots of students score reports. They must include student’s full name, language tested, score(s) in all applicable categories and test date (or test year for AP test).

Any questions? Email us at

Once test scores and your certificate form have been submitted we will review them and process all awards. You will receive an email when your awards have been mailed out!