Celebrate What You Want to Duplicate

There are many reasons why students want a credential that recognizes their bilingual skills. According to the 2018 study, The Seal of Biliteracy: Successes and challenges to implementation, by Kristin Davin, Amy Heineke and Linda Egnatz, Global Seal of Biliteracy Executive Director, language learners believe that a Seal of Biliteracy can provide them with:

  • Future Employment Opportunities

  • Future Career Use

  • Credentials on Transcript, College & Scholarship Applications

  • College Credit and Advanced College Placement

Shown above is the Global Seal of Biliteracy Working Fluency certificate which is unique to each recipient.

Shown above is the Global Seal of Biliteracy Working Fluency certificate which is unique to each recipient.

Exciting growth awaits schools that adopt a Seal of Biliteracy program. The study documents increased retention in upper levels and the doubling of Advanced Placement enrollment in language courses. Additionally, awardees have received internships and scholarships, like Global Seal recipient Austin Martin of Ohio’s Archbishop Moeller High School, who received an additional $3750 to his Michigan State financial award for his “Functional Fluency” award. For these reasons and more, it is important to celebrate the program at school-wide events. By focusing attention on the success of language learners, you increase the desire of others to be bilingual and you honor those who committed to language learning. Here are a few ideas to help you “Celebrate what you want to Duplicate.”

  • Present recipients with a Certificate that celebrates their accomplishment. The Global Seal of Biliteracy award certificates are serial-numbered, have an embossed seal indicating the level of fluency and include the languages spoken by the recipient.

  • Add the award credential to the recipient’s school transcript together with language testing information and demonstrated proficiency levels.

  • Add excitement to the ceremony by presenting awardees with the Global Seal of Biliteracy neck medal to be proudly worn at graduation.

Functional Fluency Medal.png
GSB Functional Fluency Award Mockup Drop Shadow (2).png
Working Fluency Medal.png

Increase the visibility and importance of your language program by hosting a special program. Don’t simply hand out certificates, make it an event. Invite administrators, parents, the community and the press so they can see your recipients demonstrate their language skills. Awardees can welcome guests, share future plans, favorite memories or lessons learned and more. Guests will appreciate an English translation displayed on a screen, but parents will be both proud and surprised to hear students speak. Make giant “checks” to reflect the dollar value of advanced placement and scholarships. Include recognition of English-language learners and language learners from feeder schools. Take photos for media sharing and host a reception after to connect with parents and thank them for their support.