1. Apply

The application will let us know who you are and how we can best help you meet your language credentialing needs. Best of all, both the application and physical award are free!


2. Test

In order to receive your Global Seal of Biliteracy, we require first language documentation and qualifying test scores for your second language. We will happily get you set up with a language proficiency test or you can turn in your results from approved tests if you have already taken your language proficiency tests. You are required to meet a score of Intermediate Mid or Advanced Low on the ACTFL Proficiency Scale to earn the Global Seal. The Global Seal of Biliteracy does not cover the cost of testing.

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3. Receive

Once we have received your application, qualifying test scores, and supporting documentation, you are eligible to receive your Global Seal! Your signed and sealed Global Seal of Biliteracy award certificates will be mailed to your school or organization - for free!

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Implementation Guides

How to implement the Global Seal of Biliteracy at your School or Organization

“The Seal of Biliteracy that is provided by state boards of education is great because it finally recognizes and awards learning languages, but unfortunately in many states it is inclusive only to the students of public schools. We need an award that will include all students regardless of where they go to school. That is why the Global Seal is so important for all these students who attend private and charter schools, are homeschooled, or for those whose schools do not offer it. It is very important for the Polish community which provides the teaching of Polish at supplementary schools or for children who simply learn the language at home from their parents.”
— Marzanna Owinski, The Polish Mission, Orchard Lake, Michigan