How to Implement the Global Seal of Biliteracy

for Charter Schools

The Global Seal of Biliteracy™ is excited to offer this credential to students in Charter Schools who have not been able to earn a Seal of Biliteracy until now. The Global Seal credentials language learners for workplace-ready skills in two or more languages as demonstrated through externally validated testing. The Global Seal of Biliteracy is awarded at the Functional Fluency™ and Working Fluency™ levels. It is an expansion of the high school state Seal of Biliteracy movement. Most state Seal programs exclude Charter Schools thus disenfranchising these students from the recognition, advanced college placement, and college credit opportunities afforded to state Seal recipients.  The Global Seal is offered for no charge and provides an inclusive opportunity for language users of any age or from any school to be credentialed for language skills. The main goals of the Global Seal are accessibility and opportunity.  The Global Seal of Biliteracy organization, founded and sponsored by Avant Assessment, has an independent Board of Advisors who advise and guide the program’s mission.


Step 1: Apply

Celebrating your language learners with the Global Seal of Biliteracy is a simple process and is a great way to raise visibility and build retention for your program. Go to our website at to learn about our program. When you are ready to register your school, click the APPLY button and fill out the online school application. The application will let us know who you are and how we can best help you meet your language credentialing needs. You can fill out the application before or after you have tested students. If your school is new to proficiency testing, it will be helpful to review our qualifying tests and requirements. Our website includes FAQs as well as a contact form for questions. The Global Seal of Biliteracy application, frameable certificate, and seal are free!


Step 2: Test

To award a Global Seal of Biliteracy, we require documentation for English proficiency and qualifying test scores for the second language. We will happily refer you for online language proficiency testing at your site or you can submit results from approved language proficiency tests that have been taken within the last 12 months.


To earn the Functional Fluency™ award, candidates must earn a score of Intermediate Mid on the ACTFL Proficiency Scale, and to earn the Working Fluency™ award, candidates must earn a score of Advanced Low. Testing can be done at any time of the year at any grade level. Global Seal does not cover the cost of tests.


Step 3: RecEIve

When we receive your school’s application, qualifying test scores, and supporting documentation, eligible candidates will receive a Global Seal! We mail the signed Global Seal of Biliteracy award certificates for Functional Fluency™ or Working Fluency™ with embossed seals to your school for free! Then plan a Celebration! Neck medals are available at a small fee.

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